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CVP Solutions_ Nightingale

Are you looking for better ways to leverage your in-house data and drive secure, cost-effective, and impactful decision-making?


CVP Nightingale is a Managed Platform-as-a-Service (MPaaS) that enables your organization to gain critical data-driven insights for more precise, fact-based decision-making.

CVP Nightingale in Action:

A large government agency spends hundreds of millions of dollars on grants each year. Within an hour of using CVP Nightingale's explainable artificial intelligence tools, we were able to show how the organization could improve its core performance metrics by optimizing the distribution of money to select high-performing grantees and candidate profiles.

Built on open-source and cloud-first technologies, Nightingale delivers rapid business insights by enabling organizations to move from data silos with limited-range tools to leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and scalable cloud resources to gain automated insights, all securely and cost-effectively.

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CVP Nightingale process and components

Nightingale is capable of exposing results as reports, APIs, or automation via Robotic Process Automation (RPA), helping decision-makers achieve real value with data. Download our Nightingale PDF

If you would like to find out how CVP Nightingale can help your organization, please contact us.

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Why "Nightingale?"

CVP chose to name all of the solutions in this suite after important women in STEM. CVP’s Nightingale is named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and an early pioneer of data visualization.

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